Jazz Blues

Triad Blues – How to use triads in your blues guitar lead (also how to work in diminished) – EP432

In this week’s guitar tutorial, you’ll learn how to play a standalone composition that plays through the chord changes using only the top 3 strings. Includes how to incorporate diminished chords.

To view the Part 2 video and learn the 2nd half, and access the on-screen tab viewer for this composition, visit: https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/triad-blues-how-to-use-triads-in-your-blues-guitar-lead-also-how-to-work-in-diminished-ep432/

00:00 Composition we’ll be learning
01:36 What is a triad?
02:50 Phrase 1. – The 1 Chord
03:46 Understanding the 6 Chord Triad
05:42 Phrase 2
07:51 Phrase 3 – Half Step Whole Step
09:48 Phrase 4 – the 4 Chord
10:33 Phrase 5 – 4 Sharp Diminished
13:16 Phrase 6 – Back to the 1 Chord
13:36 The A6 Chord (Position 2)
14:51 Phrase 7 – The 5 Chord
18:42 Final TAB

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